About School and Leadership

“Everywhere throughout our school the evidence of your handiwork can be seen and felt. Our teachers are cooperative, inquiring, productive and caring. Our students are industrious, involved, learning and happy. Our parents are trusting and supportive. Our school, itself, is in the forefront of improvement and innovation. All this I attribute to you – your encouragement, your optimism, your daring, your energy and your vision.”

“To a person, everyone in this building has become an abler and more competent teacher, not to mention a better person, as a result of Susan’s principalship. We have seen, through Susan, an image of what we want to strive for, of what being an educator is all about.”
— DP

“Susan Simon is a visionary leader who effects change through positive role modeling. Susan is a hands on administrator who is highly visible throughout the school. She encourages and supports professional growth through her personal acknowledgements and her commitment to inservice, feedback and innovation.”
— DB

“Susan Simon is representative of the best in education. Our faculty has been impressed and guided by her leadership and humanity. We have been inspired by her unfailing style and grace. She has crafted our school into what all schools should be; places of learning where everyone – students, teachers and staff alike want to come each day.”

“Susan is a truly gifted leader! She has the experience and innate ability to view situations from many perspectives and the skills to guide her team toward making and creating their own positive outcomes.”
— LK 

About Training and Coaching

“Susan was a lifesaver for me during a difficult professional period in my career. Her gentle, clear and encouraging coaching helped me move through this time of crisis with confidence and clarity. Susan is my professional guardian angel.”
— SR

“Thank you for helping me honor my journey. Thank you for more tools I can use to become more effective in my life.”

“Your insights about people enhance your trainings. You present such personal topics in a “safe” way. You open the window for others to see the view and you open the door for our footsteps to begin the journey. Thank you.”
— KG