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  • Do you feel safe when you express a differing opinion among your colleagues and boss?
  • Can you be yourself in your job?
  • Does your classroom environment support your students taking risks?

Trust is a fundamental building block to any organization. Classrooms and schools will be successful only if trust exists between all members of the community. We show our vulnerability in the learning process when trust is present. This CD will help you to consciously build strong bonds of trust in your classroom and school. Learn strategies and action steps that will immediately catapult your staff morale and collaboration to higher levels. Susan Simon has used these proven strategies in 20 years as a school principal.

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In the story, “One Step At A Time,” you’ll accompany Susan on an adventure into the depths of a volcano where she gained insight about trust. Susan still mentally and emotionally ventures back to that unique experience when she’s facing a tough decision about what the next step might be. You’ll identify with this story and feel inspired to continue moving forward even when faced with tough challenges. Susan discusses the importance of trusting relationships between all the personnel in a school.

This CD is divided into three sections. It opens with a true short story related to the topic of Trust. Next is a section in which Susan shares thoughts about the importance of Trust in creating successful schools. The final portion of the CD is devoted to Strategies and Action Steps. The information shared in this CD is valuable for educators at any level, primary through college.

This CD is not a book on tape. It is 75 minutes excerpted from the book, “Building A Schoolhouse…Laying The Foundation for Success,” Vol. 1, Ch. 1. This CD has additional strategies and action steps not found in the book. “Building Trust Within Schools” affirms Susan’s belief that educators must build trust at all levels of the organization to make the educational process successful. Trust building begins with self. Take one step at a time as you work to build trust in your classroom and school. Add this CD to your professional development library.

TRUST Download – Track Descriptions

Track 1
In this intro, you’ll learn why trust is an important quality in a school setting.

Track 2
Track two presents a true story, “One Step at a Time,” where I discovered the importance of trust in staying on my path through the journey of life.

Track 3
Track three contains a discussion on the topic of Trust.  The listener will gain insight as he reflects upon the importance of trust in his own teaching or leading experiences.

Track 4
Strategy # 1: Walk Your Talk and Know What You’re Talking about. Actions do speak louder than words.  This form of leadership requires focus,consistency, self-knowledge, compassion and action.

Track 5
Strategy # 2:  Treat Everyone Respectfully and with Kindness.  One person connecting to another is fundamental to our individual and collective success. How do we make these connections in schools?

Track 6
Strategy # 3:  Establish Seamless Communication Systems. This strategy demonstrates how all segments of the school community must develop ways to effectively communicate with each other.

Quotes from “Building Trust Within Schools”

  • Trust is the glue that holds any classroom or school together.
  • Trust finds its home in relationships.
  • Any learner must feel safe before he’ll venture into the unknown, risk answering a question or speak out for what he believes.
  • Emotional safety is at the heart of trust.
  • The learning process takes place both in arenas of safety and environments of risk.
  • Trust is so fundamental to the educational process that schools where trust is absent have no possibility to achieve the measure of success required of them.
  • People are inherently good and capable and wish to be treated respectfully and with kindness.
  • If I am to respect and trust you, I must know you.
  • Communicate to create, not destroy.
  • In schools where trust is absent you will hear destructive conversations between staff.


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