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  • Do you love going to work every day because of the wonderful people with whom you work
  • Does each of your students feel that he/she has an important role in the classroom?

Community is a powerful force underlying the teaching and learning processes. Most of us seek to belong to a caring and supportive community in our personal and professional lives.  Membership in a school community helps us find ourselves and discover what we have to offer the world. Teaching and learning thrive in a strong community.  Susan Simon sharesvarious strategies including a 5-step method for building community in your school.  A strong, viable, supportive and caring school community is imperative for excellent teaching and masterful learning to occur.

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If you’ve ever spent time in a school cafeteria, you’ll enjoy the story, “It’s Lunch Time!” which provides a humorous example of community building in the school setting.  Susan will share strategies for creating a climate in which you and your students will love going to school every day.  This CD provides strategies to help you teach your students about daily acts of inspiration that will more fully develop community in your classroom.

This CD is divided into three sections.  It opens with a true story about community building.  Next is a section where Susan shares her thoughts and experiences about the importance of Community.  The final portion of the CD is devoted to Strategies and Action Steps.  The information shared in this CD is valuable for educators at any level, primary through college.

This CD is not a book on tape.  It is 75 minutes excerpted from the book, “Building A Schoolhouse…Laying The Foundation for Success,” Vol. 2, Ch. 4.  This CD has additional strategies and action steps not found in the book.  “Building Community In Schools” affirms Susan’s belief that educators need each other’s support to make the educational process successful.  Take a proactive step toward becoming a community builder.  Make this CD part of your professional development to do list.

COMMUNITY Download – Track Descriptions

Track 1
In this intro, you’ll learn why community is a necessary foundation in a school setting.

Track 2
Track two presents a true story,”It’s Lunch Time,” that portrays a typical day in a school cafeteria.  Community serves as a foundation for academic excellence because it creates safety for the learner.

Track 3
Track three presents a discussion on the topic of Community.  The listener will gain insight as she reflects upon the importance of community in her classroom and school.

Track 4
Strategy # 1:  Assist Others to Discover and Follow Their Interests and Passions.  We can most completely give to others when we’re self-confident and clear about what we have to offer.

Track 5
Strategy # 2:  Recognize and bring out the best in others. When you bring out the best in others, you bring out the best in yourself.

Track 6
Strategy # 3:  Be Inspired.  We see and experience inspiration every day in our work  and home environments.  The challenge is to notice these  inspiring people, actions, and kindnesses.

Quotes from “Building Community In Schools”

  • Community provides us with supportive space to live our lives to the fullest, bringing all of our talents and contributions to the forefront.
  • Teachers build community when forming teams, working on entire class projects, teaching collaborative strategies and pairing individuals on projects.
  • The classroom is a unique lab setting where students as members of an ever-shifting group constantly learn about community and group functioning.
  • Mutual respect among staff members is essential for a school to succeed in realizing its educational goals.
  • Teachers who form close community share ideas and concerns, encourage each other when the going gets tough, and help in any way possible to make each day successful for both student and teacher.
  • It is through community that we become our best selves.
  • Behavioral problems will be greatly curtailed in classrooms where students feel personally successful.
  • A school community filled with passionate, skilled people can create any result, achieve any success and overcome the most difficulty obstacles.
  • When you bring out the best in others, you bring out the best in yourself
  • Live a life of cooperation and kindness and each day will be filled with inspiration.
  • Communities ultimately support our heart’s desires and our soul’s purpose whether they are job related or have a personal focus.


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