DVD: I am a Teacher


I am a Teacher DVD

This set of three short videos (I AM A TEACHER 1,2,3) was created to paint a picture of what a good teacher does to successfully reach students.  The job of teaching is much more complex than most people realize.  These videos were designed to thank teachers for their dedication, hard work and expertise.  Thanks to all teachers and those who support them for not giving up when the going gets tough.  Teachers, we need you!

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I am a Teacher

The first video in this set of three is designed to recognize the positive characteristics that good teachers possess and demonstrate in their teaching.  A teacher watching the first video would closely identify with the characteristics that are mentioned, understanding how full time teaching can be. The video is designed to recognize teacher’s best qualities and help non-teachers understand some of the characteristics that go into good teaching.

I am a Teacher 2

The second video in this set of three is designed to highlight some of the many non-academic topics that teachers teach their students. There are many “support” topics (e.g. not giving up, acting responsibly, respecting others) that help teachers achieve success with their students.   A parent or non-teacher, watching this video, would get a good idea of the broad scope of what teachers do teach. This video will motivate teachers to examine how their teaching of non-academic topics influences every segment of their student’s lives.

I am a Teacher 3

The third video in this set of three is designed to described what teaching is when viewed from a creative perspective.  This video goes further in exploring what “teaching is…” when viewed from a spiritual perspective.  Teaching goes beyond the mundane, soaring to greater personal heights.  This video gives teachers the opportunity to identify some of the reasons they entered teaching and what they get from it.  Teachers will be able to identify their purpose in teaching, solidify their legacy, and experience the joy to be found in being a teacher.


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