CD: Building Leadership Within Schools


Building Leadership Within Schools CD

  • Do you play a leadership role in your school?
  • Do you strive to become more effective in your leadership?
  • Is your opinion valued and acted upon?

This CD will give you many successful strategies that will enhance your leadership skills.  Susan Simon has used these proven strategies in 20 years as a school principal.  She offers specific examples and provides action steps that may be implemented to strengthen your skills as a leader.  Have you heard about leadership by looking and listening?  It’s extremely effective and will help you improve school climate.  Susan offers tips about creating a classroom or school where students and teachers aren’t afraid to risk or embrace change.

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Susan Simon walks her talk and in doing so provides valuable information easily applied.  The information she shares is valuable for educators at any level, primary through college.  This CD is divided into three sections.  It opens with two true short stories related to the topic of Leadership.  Next is a section in which Susan shares thoughts about the importance of Leadership in creating successful schools.  The final portion of the CD is devoted to Strategies and Action Steps.

“Building Leadership in Schools” is designed for the hands-on leader, whether an administrator, teacher or parent.  This CD is not a book on tape.  It is 75 minutes excerpted from the book, “Building A Schoolhouse…Laying The Foundation for Success,” Vol. 1, Ch. 2.  This CD has additional strategies and action steps not found in the book.  “Building Leadership In Schools” affirms Susan’s belief that people are at the center of the educational process.  Take a proactive step toward becoming a skillful and beloved leader.  Make this CD part of your professional development repertoire.

Leadership CD – Track Descriptions

Track 1
In this intro, you’ll learn why strong leadership is essential for success in schools.

Track 2
Track two presents two true, short stories, “Kisses,” and “The Office.”  The skill and depth of leaders are measured in the small ordinary encounters that crowd each school day as well as in the high-level, serious decisions.

Track 3
Track three contains a discussion on the topic of Leadership.  A Leader can use the powerful tools of observation and Listening for expanding her leadership capacity.

Track 4
Strategy # 1:  Step Back to Observe and Focus Your Listening. A truly effective leader will be seamless in how she fits into the school scene.

Track 5
Strategy # 2:  Remember That People Come First. When you routinely place people first, you begin to develop strong bonds of trust and respect.

Track 6
Strategy # 3:  Embrace Change and Take Risks.  People in organizations face personally and professionally related fears every day.  The leader plays a critical role as change manager.

Quotes from “Building Leadership in Schools”

  • The skill and depth of a leader are measured in the small ordinary encounters and events that crowd each school day as well as in the high-level, serious decisions and complex interactions that occur when working in such a person-rich environment
  • A leader’s power is about how she touches the hearts and minds of people in order to bring them together in trusting, supportive and collegial relationships.
  • Leadership is both an inherent talent and an acquired skill.
  • A huge part of the leadership job is to inspire others toward greatness and accomplishment.
  • It is essential that principals rely on the expertise of their teachers to ultimately guide the school’s vision and student performance within the classrooms at the school.
  • Good teaching comes from highly trained, committed, and skillful teachers who feel that they have been empowered to share their gifts and talents in the fullest way possible.
  • Schools that aspire to excellence must work tirelessly to see that all members of the community are finding their passion and voice and expressing it openly and safely.
  • Placing people at the forefront of your job means that you’ll have a lot of work to do.
  • Leaders at every level in schools must demonstrate their willingness to embrace change openly and take risks frequently.
  • Risk taking occurs in environments that are free of judgment and prejudice.


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