Book: Selene’s Search


Why did Selene’s mother leave her with her grandparents when she was just a baby? Selene is determined to find out for herself. She is convinced that her mother lives deep in the Old Woods near her home. She bravely journeys into the forest to find her mother and faces many dangers with courage and determination. Amazing animal and plant friends come forward to help Selene along the way.  Will she ever find her mother and have her deepest question answered? Selene knows she will only find her mother if she keeps looking and never gives us.

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“Selene’s Search” is a chapter book for children from approximately second through fifth grade.

“Selene’s Search” is unique in that all of the illustrations inside the book were done by children, ages 8-10.

Ch. 1 The Plan
Ch. 2 Weeping Willow
Ch. 3 Thorny Throngs
Ch. 4 The Moss Mites
Ch. 5 Mape
Ch. 6 Glorion
Ch. 7 The Pine Grove
Ch. 8 The Waterfall Fairies
Ch. 9 The Attack
Ch. 10 The Radions
Ch. 11 Rescued
Ch. 12 The Cave
Ch. 13 The Cottage


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