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The poetry found in Journey Toward Self shares some of Susan Simon’s insights learned while exploring her inner life-path.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and inter-personal exploration. We encounter life’s lessons on both our inner and outer paths. Most of us walk the outer path as part of our daily living not really questioning its direction. Taking the outer journey, without also following the inner journey, is like walking in a one-dimensional world, seeing situations and other people from one narrow point of view. The negative side of this outer focus is the creation of stress in our lives, dominance in our relationships, confusion in our communication and fear and turmoil in our efforts to see what lies ahead.


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We have the opportunity along the inner path of self-exploration to soften the harsh colors of the past, erase the strident lines that formed our experiences and say a final farewell as we turn and create a new page for the future. It is upon following the inner path of self-exploration that we’ll finally realize peace, joy, clarity and unconditional love. It’s on this path that we’ll most successfully contribute to the world.

The journey is not for the fainthearted or fearful. The adventure of life is in the willingness to step forward and participate at the fullest human level. This journey toward self is one of discovering the inner power, embracing it wholeheartedly and bringing it fearlessly into the outer world.

Poem Sample

The Storm

The winds are blowing, clearing the

haze, the narrow-mindedness, the

old patterns.


The trees are swaying, cleansing the

fears, the skepticism, the uncertainty.


The cold air is rushing in, enlightening

the mind, the spirit, the body.


The storm is passing, leaving belief,

optimism, strength.


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