Susan’s Coaching and Consulting Services

Susan offers services in several different areas.  She is available for individual coaching or working with groups of various sizes.  Susan will tailor her work with individuals or groups so that clients are able to realize their purpose and be as effective as possible in reaching the goals they pursue.

There will always be challenges to be met on the journey through life.  Susan will assist you in using your inner wisdom to make choices that will help you create the life you desire.  All the answers you seek reside within yourself.

Here are the major areas in which Susan provides additional services.

LIFE COACHING that provides you with a partner, invested in your success, who will help you define goals and behaviors that will bring you greater control over, and mastery of your life.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS that present topics, teach immediately applicable strategies, and develop personal commitment all of which will lead you to become more effective in your personal and professional lives.

EDUCATIONAL CONSULTING that provides effective leadership, management and communication strategies to both individuals and organizations.  Mastery of these techniques leads to empowered individuals and successful organizations.

KEYNOTE ADRESSES that will motivate you to expand your viewpoints and inspire a personal dedication toward growth.

Contact Susan to determine how she might best help you or your organization.  She will meet with you to create a plan that will address your needs.

Your insights about people enhance your seminars. You present such personal topics in a “safe” way. You open the window for others to see the view and you open the door for our footsteps to begin the journey. Thank you.

Susan’s skill areas in coaching cross all thresholds. She is insightful and probing without being pushy. It’s a gift to want to wake up each day to my job and owe much of that enthusiasm to Susan’s expertise in reawakening my passion.