Welcome to Building a Schoolhouse with Susan Simon

Welcome to Building a Schoolhouse with Susan Simon. My books, CD’s, workshops and coaching provide opportunities to improve and help strengthen your classroom and school programs. Building a Schoolhouse assists you to see yourself and your job with expanded vision, opening to unique ideas and far-reaching possibilities.

The videos, “I Am A Teacher” and my various books highlight the many important roles teachers play. I offer you the opportunity, through my videos and written materials, to expand your skill set and improve your teaching.

Thanks to those teachers whom we admire for their dedication, skillful teaching, compassionate treatment of children, and passion for their work.  Teachers shape the future or our children and world.

“I am a Teacher” Video Series by Susan Simon

This set of three short videos (I AM A TEACHER 1,2,3) was created to paint a picture of what a good teacher does to successfully reach students. The job of teaching is much more complex than most people realize. These videos were designed to thank teachers for their dedication, hard work and expertise. Thanks to all teachers and those who support them for not giving up when the going gets tough. Teachers, we need you!

I AM A TEACHER — The first video in this set of three is designed to recognize the positive characteristics that good teachers possess and demonstrate in their teaching. A teacher watching the first video would closely identify with the characteristics that are mentioned, understanding how full-time teaching can be. The video is designed to recognize teacher’s best qualities and help non-teachers understand some of the characteristics that go into good teaching.

I AM A TEACHER 2 — The second video in this set of three is designed to highlight some of the many non-academic topics that teachers teach their students. There are many “support” topics (e.g. not giving up, acting responsibly, respecting others) that help teachers achieve success with their students.   A parent or non-teacher, watching this video, would get a good idea of the broad scope of what teachers do teach. This video will motivate teachers to examine how their teaching of non-academic topics influences every segment of their student’s lives.

I AM A TEACHER 3 — The third video in this set of three is designed to described what teaching is when viewed from a creative perspective.  This video goes further in exploring what “teaching is…” when viewed from a spiritual perspective.  Teaching goes beyond the mundane, soaring to greater personal heights.  This video gives teachers the opportunity to identify some of the reasons they entered teaching and what they get from it.  Teachers will be able to identify their purpose in teaching, solidify their legacy, and experience the joy to be found in being a teacher.

About Susan Simon, MA, M.Ed.

Susan Simon is an exceptional communicator and an inspirational leader.  Her passion is assisting teachers and administrators in creating positive and successful classrooms and schools.  Susan is a hands-on leader who role models effective communication and a strong collaborative approach to running a school.  She demonstrates how personal and professional growth stem from open, honest and transparent communication that infuses all levels of the organization.  Susan is a heart-centered, empathic and visionary leader.  Her work with educators, parents and community members is centered in integrity, trustworthiness, insight and intuition.

Susan is very familiar with being in the classroom.  She taught regular and special education for several years before becoming a school principal at the K-8th grade level.  She has completed her twentieth year as a school principal, in both public and charter schools.  Susan has a Masters in Special Education and also a Masters in Educational Administration.  She has numerous additional certifications and trainings in the areas of education, leadership, communication and personal growth.

Susan is a certified personal and life coach and she uses her extensive skills to mentor and coach the teachers and administrators with whom she works.  Susan is highly skilled at bringing people together to work collaboratively and move forward toward successfully reaching classroom and school goals.  She believes that educators must grow personally at the same time they’re improving themselves professionally.

To help educators advance both personally and professionally, Susan has created and facilitated many workshops for teachers and administrators.  These trainings have occurred in the areas of leadership, communication, brain compatible learning, various curriculum areas and personal growth.  Susan is a dynamic presenter who loves bringing educators together to learn from and share with one another.

Susan has dedicated her life to working with people to help them identify and realize their highest potential.  What makes Susan unique is her ability to connect deeply with others and help them recognize their life’s purpose.  Clients say that Susan is an extraordinary listener who assists them with her clarity and compassion.

Building A Schoolhouse is Susan’s first book.  She wrote the book to inspire educators to renew their passion to teach and lead.  Teachers and principals will discover that this book resonates with their experiences in classrooms and schools.  It validates their efforts to successfully reach every child.  Susan shares strategies and action steps to help educators discover more effective ways to do their jobs.

Contact Susan Simon

To hire Susan Simon or buy her books, CDs, and instant downloads directly:

CALL: (928) 301-1678

EMAIL: susansimon25@gmail.com

Work with Susan Simon

Insight Workshops

Insight workshops are designed to increase the personal and professional effectiveness of participants. Workshops are highly interactive and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group that participates in the training.


  1. Leadership

This workshop will focus on identifying successful leadership characteristics, creating and sharing power, and acknowledging colleagues and honoring diversity.

  1. Communication

This workshop will focus on improving interpersonal relationships, developing effective listening skills, empowering self and others, resolving conflicts, and utilizing skillful communication strategies.

  1. Personal and Professional Effectiveness.

This workshop will focus on creating and utilizing personal power, building supportive community, transforming the inner critic, identifying and contributing individual skills and talents and managing conflict, chaos, and change.

Some other workshop topics:  Optimism, Community, Stress Management, Team Building, Change, Born to Teach.

Educational Consulting

Leading and managing a school is complex and challenging. Insight Consulting provides you with on-site assistance in finding ways to more effectively impact your learning organization. Working with individual schools or entire systems, Susan will assist your organization to identify problems and/or needs, strategize solutions, and create action plans.

Insight offers consulting in many areas.  Among them are:  Training and Mentoring Leaders, Community Building, Creating Challenging School-Wide Leadership, Mentoring New Staff, and Improving Communication.

Effectiveness Coaching

Insight Effectiveness Coaching provides you with a partner, invested in your success, who will help you define goals and behaviors that will bring you greater control over your life.  An effectiveness coach, like a fitness coach, works with a client to define goals, create a plan, implement action steps and then encourages, supports, and holds the client accountable throughout the process.

As a dedicated mentor, an effectiveness coach is trained to listen, question, clarify, focus, provide feedback, strategize, and support your process. Serving as your coach, Susan will assist you in identifying and creating the changes you wish to implement in your personal and professional lives.

Contact Susan Simon

To hire Susan Simon or buy her books, CDs, and instant downloads directly:

CALL: (928) 301-1678

EMAIL: susansimon25@gmail.com

Books and CDs by Susan Simon

Books and CDs can be purchased at Amazon.com

Purchase the disc BUILDING LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS directly from Susan Simon. See contact information below.

Purchase the disc BUILDING COMMUNITY IN SCHOOLS directly from Susan Simon. See contact information below.

Purchase the disc BUILDING TRUST IN SCHOOLS directly from Susan Simon. See contact information below.

Purchase the 2-volume set directly from Susan Simon. See contact information below.

Purchase the disc I AM A TEACHER directly from Susan Simon. See contact information below.

What People Say About Susan Simon

About School and Leadership

“Everywhere throughout our school the evidence of your handiwork can be seen and felt. Our teachers are cooperative, inquiring, productive and caring. Our students are industrious, involved, learning and happy. Our parents are trusting and supportive. Our school, itself, is in the forefront of improvement and innovation. All this I attribute to you – your encouragement, your optimism, your daring, your energy and your vision.”

“To a person, everyone in this building has become an abler and more competent teacher, not to mention a better person, as a result of Susan’s principalship. We have seen, through Susan, an image of what we want to strive for, of what being an educator is all about.”
— DP

“Susan Simon is a visionary leader who effects change through positive role modeling. Susan is a hands on administrator who is highly visible throughout the school. She encourages and supports professional growth through her personal acknowledgements and her commitment to in-service, feedback and innovation.”
— DB

“Susan Simon is representative of the best in education. Our faculty has been impressed and guided by her leadership and humanity. We have been inspired by her unfailing style and grace. She has crafted our school into what all schools should be; places of learning where everyone – students, teachers and staff alike want to come each day.”

“Susan is a truly gifted leader! She has the experience and innate ability to view situations from many perspectives and the skills to guide her team toward making and creating their own positive outcomes.”
— LK 

About Training and Coaching

“Susan was a lifesaver for me during a difficult professional period in my career. Her gentle, clear and encouraging coaching helped me move through this time of crisis with confidence and clarity. Susan is my professional guardian angel.”
— SR

“Thank you for helping me honor my journey. Thank you for more tools I can use to become more effective in my life.”

“Your insights about people enhance your trainings. You present such personal topics in a “safe” way. You open the window for others to see the view and you open the door for our footsteps to begin the journey. Thank you.”
— KG

“You have healed our school and helped us to feel whole again. You’ve given me a renewed sense of the meaning of what I do. You’ve shared with us ways and methods for balancing our lives. We will value you and your legacy. You’ve made a difference.”

“I have learned so much from you – to listen, to care, to lead with fairness, to handle crisis a with calmness but firmness and many other things. I hope that I can help to keep those things going at our school.”
— MH

“You have been a leader and role model for me personally and professionally.”

“As a classroom teacher for 20 years prior to becoming a Principal now of 12 years, I always read a lot about the role. Susan Simon has certainly helped me to reappraise my leadership style. Reading Susan’s work has given me the insight and support I need at this point in my career. I recommend both volumes without reservation to anyone who is in the process of creating community or who is seeking the way ahead. Susan Simon’s mantra of “dare to be remarkable” is one that we could all take to heart.”
— EM

“Susan clearly demonstrates how critical it is to build a school from the inside out by first creating healthful relationships and school community. She descries how to build real, respectful, responsible relationships among faculty, administration parents and students.

Susan describes what success looks like, sounds like and feels like, what it is to have a living school vision that transcends the words in the brochures and becomes the model for what the faulty and families strive to achieve.”

Contact Susan Simon

To hire Susan Simon or buy her books, CDs, and instant downloads directly:

CALL: (928) 301-1678

EMAIL: susansimon25@gmail.com

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